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Vagifem Cream Uk

And if you're not on HRT you just use it on its own Vagifem is widely used for women who are lactating as well, as they have the same hormonal imbalance that leads to dryness. I live in the UK so my prescriptions are free I personally didnt like estriol inside or out.. HRT does not seem to help down below so you supplement it with vagifem or ovestin (cream). I am now on Ovestin which is a messy cream but is better Find user ratings and reviews for Vagifem vaginal on WebMD including side effects and drug interactions, medication vagifem cream uk effectiveness, ease of use and satisfaction.I now only use it once a week and find this sufficient for keeping everything comfortable. These tablets are applied directly inside your vagina using a convenient, nsu treatment over the counter smooth plastic applicator, giving localised relief from menopausal symptoms Browse Vagisan MoistCream - 50g and earn Advantage Card points on purchases The urologist suggested using Vagifem as directed and apart from headaches and nausea for the first few days have not had any problems and my urinary tract infections have dropped significantly to 1-2 a year. I find the thicker ovestin seems to rub in and absorb better externally and its stronger therefore less cream needed internally so less messy and more seems to stay inside and I find it does a far better job for dryness than estriol and I've recently realised a better job than vagifem for dryness too I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use Vagifem inside and some Gynest cream for the outer areas. Gynest contains oestriol which is 80x weaker as an oestrogen than Estradiol (contained in vagifem) so you are not really adding to your dose Yes smelly it would have worsened, it's called vaginal atrophy, i started developping it.

Meno lady confirmed you use vagifem for life, it replaces the vagifem cream uk oestrogen you are missing. Indications, dose, contra-indications, side-effects, interactions, cautions, warnings and other safety information for vagifem Neither can Vagifem be used by women who have/have had breast cancer, cancer or thickening of the endometrium (womb lining), an oestrogen-sensitive cancer, unexplained vaginal bleeding, blood clot in a vein (e.g., legs or lungs) or conditions due to blood clot in an artery (e.g., heart attack or stroke), blood clotting condition, porphyria, or liver disease Vagifem pessaries are hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tablets used to treat vaginal dryness and irritation associated with the menopause. It is a safe medication and you need to give it about 6 weeks to see if it works for sainsburys e cig you. That said, I tried it twice for three months each and it made no difference. As Susan says they have different oestrogens.

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